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Contoh Makalah : In the educational world, there are two main components you'll enjoy. The first is the hardware component, the component was mainly related to skills, such as the ability to use computers, foreign language skills and arithmetic skills component. Whereas the second component is the software, especially with regard to issues of character, for example, never give up, actively seek out and enthusiasm. (Nugroho, 2007)

Environmental education is one important factor to minimize environmental damage and is an important tool in producing human resources capable of applying principles of sustainable development. Environmental education done in an effort to increase understanding and awareness of the community in finding solutions and preventing the emergence of environmental problems.

According to anonymous (2007), environmental education would not change the situation and condition of the damaged environment to be good in a short time, but takes time, processes, and resources. Based on that environmental education is necessary that as early as possible to minimize environmental damage.

For example with environmental disasters like the disaster of uncontrollable forest fires from year to year due to the role of human development that is not environmentally sound. With the existence of environmental education is an effort to introduce school students in the actual environment that already exists in the 5K course, beauty, Neatness, Cleanliness, Personality and Security (Nugroho, 2007).

Sjarkowi (2005) states that to build a balanced level of understanding about the active role amid the environment of human development, can develop optimally, particularly related to how grain lessons and learning atmosphere. This is where the importance of environmental education can be applied to solve problems that occur in the environment.

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